Where the VALUE Is

Man, what a wild week it has been.  At the last minute instead of me flying to Colorado for a quick turn around trip, we loaded up the camper with dirtbikes, dogs, and a Dangerbaby and set out for another adventure.  We went down to Moab, UT where it monsooned for 24 hrs and forced us to go and create even cooler memories together as a family than I could have thought.  We got to enjoy some of the most amazing natural creations in the world that are just mind blowing.  We realized that we wanted to make it an annual trip with Dangerbaby as she is growing up.  It couldn’t have been any more awesome.

Over the last few months we have been really trying to figure out what it is that we want to make sure everyone knows about SISU STRONG.  What is it that people think of when they hear our name.  Ultimately for me I want people to think of us as a company that is built around Passion to help others realize what they can do with their lives.  James and I have always been about going after our dreams.  They are very different and have taken us down different paths but we are both going after what we want to accomplish.

Just Last week someone told me it was funny how reserved James Tatum was compared to me.  I laughed and told them they couldn’t be more wrong. Very often I forget that I am 8 years older than James because I am always looking to him for coaching advice.  But James massively influenced my desire to follow my passion.  A few years ago James began Olympic Lifting and decided he was getting pretty good at it and that he wanted to go to the Olympics.  So many people look at us both and just think we got here by clicking our heels.  Couldn’t be further from the truth.  James moved his family to Charlotte, NC for the chance to train with some of the best lifters and coaches in the country and pursue his dreams.  To make this happen he bagged groceries for awhile to build up his name and support his weightlifting habit.  It wasn’t an easy road, but James had a dream and wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of that.

So how does this A.D.D. post have anything to do with where the value is?  Well, it’s because the value in what we do lies in the coaches we have involved with Sisu Strong.  You can get tons of free epic programs for any sport you want on the internet.  BUT…what doesn’t come with those programs is the coaching quality that we offer at Sisu Strong.  James’ is one of the best mechanical improvement coaches you will ever come across in weightlifting.  That is what you are paying for when you are working with our programs.  All of our programs are as good as they get.  But it is our coaching that sets us apart.  These are the exact reasons we have paired up with the incredible Athletes we have as well.

We have some of the most incredible Motocross racers, mountain bikers, BMX racers, wakeboarders and snowboarders involved with us at Sisu Strong.  We work hard with them to provide the most technical coaching and analysis in and out of the gym.  We completely know and believe that we have the best coaches in their specialties and we work together to bring a product unlike any other business out there.

So where is the value?  The value is in who we are as coaches and what we do.  You aren’t buying a training program.  You are buying coaching from some of the best coaches in strength training, weightlifting, and action sports.  Get in touch with us to see how we can help you.

“Your will to persevere through adversity, will determine the level of greatness you achieve.”

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