SISU Strong Bike Replacement Program


Some sample exercises for making the most of your time in the gym. Includes sample workouts for Endurocross, Downhill MTB, BMX Racing, and Motocross.


Product Description

What makes sports like mountain biking, BMX racing, motocross, and endurocross so unique is the full body strength and endurance involved in each of them. There is no point during a race or a run when you can totally relax.

Sometimes, we don’t pay enough attention to the details of the workouts we use to try to mimic these sports in the gym when we can’t actually be out there riding. This guide will help you with that. Here are some examples of how you can best mimic these sports and use the right intensities, developed through our experience training elite athletes. Each workout will use the same movements, but the time and intensity will vary based on the sport.


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