Does Hard Work Pay Off?

“Well before you freak out on me and think that I am going to tell you that success in any area of your life has nothing to do with hard work, I PROMISE you that’s not what I am saying.  One thing I will say is that sometimes we may miss the mark on what we decide is hard work and leave it as something that is purely a physical state of exhaustion and miss the important part of the mind.

Last week we got to sit in on a Panel with some of the most innovative minds of Human Performance that are around today.  The Thin Air Park City event was mind blowing.  To hear what some of these incredible people are doing to push human performance beyond all realms thought possible was tough to even wrap my head around.  I was just hoping that they would randomly come up and ask me to be a guinea pig and see if we can get this ole noggin back in line. Im still holding out for that.

One of the interesting things though was that none of these incredible scientists left out the idea that understanding our athletes as coaches is still and will always be one of the most incredible tools we have as a coach.  One thing that is for sure though is that if we aren’t innovating we are doing a disservice to our athletes and that is unacceptable.  So I promise you that we are and will always be improving our methods at Sisu Strong Training Facility.

Back to my initial point though.

We’ve all said it.  We have looked over at what someone else was doing to prepare and said I am going to work “harder” than that person.  If they are riding for 2 hrs a day, I am going to ride for 3.  I don’t care how much it sucks, I am going to push my body to the limit and have no regrets because I know that I gave it my all.  I gave 110%!  

Well, my argument is that going about it like this may leave you short of your goals.  Your “HARD WORK” didnt pay off like you had hoped.  What’s even worse is that what if because you never took the time to get your mind right, you were never able to get your body to where you believed it could be.  

I 100% believe that the greatest athletes in the world are the ones that are willing to do what the others aren’t.  But we have to stop believing that means we  look at what others are doing and do more.  The greatest in the world are the ones that are doing exactly what they need to do.  They are not worried about what the person next to them is doing, they are completely focused on what it is that they need to do to get the job done.  They are setting the standard. They are the one that everyone else is trying to copy,  and I say let them try and copy you.  

So for me, “Hard Work” and athletes that are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed means just that.  They will do whatever it takes. Nowhere in that statement does it say you must run yourself into the ground until you can’t anymore.  That is much easier than having the mental fortitude to be able to not go 100% all the time.  It is being mentally strong enough to do the boring tedious things that not everyone is willing to do.  Working hard physically is easy on your mind.  Train your mind and then your body.

Man I messed this up as a kid.  I just didn’t quite get it.  I never had the right coach that could really get thru to me to understand this.  But I am glad I have learned it now because I still have a lot ahead of me.  Whether it is in athletics, business, relationships, just life.  Being able to take risks and push through when its necessary and dial it back in and say not today are incredibly valuable traits.  There needs to be a healthy combination of the two though to make greatness happen.
Are you ready to put in the “Hard Work?”  For most of us the “hard” part is about truly being accountable to ourselves for what we really have to do to be great.  Because those are never the most fun things to do. But man they sure are worth it when its all said and done.

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